Have you done something fun and healthy lately? Let us know about it, and we’ll put it here so you can share your good choices with your friends to help them be FitKids!

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I ride my bike with my grandpa on the weekends. It’s really fun to stop at the park and play!!!!!
Savannah, Castro Valley

My dad taught me to ride a bike without spare wheels and last weekend we biked all together with my mom and dad in the neighborhood. We had so much fun!
David, Fremont

Hi, My favorite hike is to farm park near our house. We can walk there with our parents. There are pigs and goats to see. The pigs sleep in the mud and smell.
Johnny, Los Altos

Dear FitKid, Here is how you make corn. All you have to do is boil it for 10 minutes. Only thing bad about corn is it gets stuck in your teeth.
– Janine, Burlingame

Grandma says her mom came from China and stayed on Angel Island. I like islands. I like riding ferries to them.
– Eddie, San Francisco

We went fishing at Diamond Valley. I got a Fit Kid card, there, but don’t have enough stickers for a prize. Does sleeping outside at home count? I want to win a prize.
– Miguel, Los Angeles

I won a frizbie at Lassen national park. We hiked to the top of the volcano, but it didn’t explode or smell funny or nothing.
– Pam, Red Bluff